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This article is written by Jodie when she ran the online store "Natural Nation Co". The store no longer operates but this is still a great read.


I always thought that body scrub treatments were reserved only for when I occasionally visited a day spa as a luxury. Then a friend started raving about how much better her skins feels when she does it at home. Home hey? This got me thinking there is more to this scrubbing business than I originally gave it credit. So I tried it and she was right. Scrubbing has so many benefits for your skin and overall wellbeing that for many people it has become an essential part of their skincare routine.

So what is a body scrub?
Scrub ingredients consist of a salt or sugar base mixed into a paste with essential oils and natural ingredients. Each ingredient has a part to play in helping your skin. Body scrubs are also easy to apply. It is as simple as rubbing onto dry skin in a circular motion (paying attention to problem areas) before rinsing off in the shower as usual and patting your body dry. Scrubs are not meant for daily use and just once a week is all you need to see results.

Here are a five reasons you should be jumping aboard the body scrub train:

1. Smooth skin
Salt or sugar acts as a natural exfoliant to buff away dead skins cells leaving the skin supple and refreshed. Salt is more abrasive as an exfoliant so if you have sensitive skin it is best to stick with a sugar base.

2. A natural detox
Salt acts as natural purifier drawing out the toxins blocking the pores of your skin and the motion of scrubbing increases blood circulation. Detoxing can assist the immune system in fighting infection and illness.

3. Improves skin tone
Scrubs can target problem zones such as stretch marks, cellulite, flaky skin and pigmentation to assist in cell renewal for improved skin tone and texture promoting healthier, younger looking skin.

4. Super hydration
The oils and natural ingredients contained in scrubs act as a nourishing moisturiser and help to calm inflamed skin.

5. Calms the senses and relaxing
Salt is high in magnesium which has a natural relaxing effect on muscles and nerves. Combine that with some choice essential oils and it is guaranteed to revive your mood.

So there you have it – scrubs do amazing things for your body. Try it, you won't be sorry.

Jodie x
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