Eating well NOT dieting

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I wrote this article over two years ago but its pretty much the rules I still follow. I absolutely do not believe in going on any sort of restrictive diet for many reasons, but I do believe in balance, moderation, mindful eating, and putting good nutrition inside the body.

Eating well is pretty simple when you apply a few basic rules. We should all be mindful of how we eat whether we are trying to lose weight, build muscle, convalesce from illness or just simply stay healthy. We only have one body so it’s important that we look after it. Here are ten simple ways to Eat Well

Eat unprocessed foods wherever possible. A good rule is to look for food still in its natural state. Generally if it is in a box or a packet then its been changed from its natural state.

Load up on wholesome veggies and salads. Make your meals exciting. Get yourself a whole foods cookbook and try out some new ideas.

Eat lean proteins such as fish, chicken, turkey and eggs with every meal. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer.

Eat good carbs such as sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa. Avoid white breads and pasta.

Drop the diet labeled and low fat foods. They are nothing but artificial rubbish replacing the fat and calories. Eat regular milk, butter and whole natural yoghurts. Just keep the portions smaller.

Eat little and often. Three meals and three snacks will keep you from ever being hungry and keep your metabolism working.

Always eat a good breakfast. Poached eggs on wholegrain toast, porridge oats and berries, Greek yoghurt with berries and seeds, Avocado & tomato on toast or a homemade smoothie made using milk; fruit, yogurt and protein are all good options.

Be aware of your liquid intake. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. Swap your full fat lattes for a long black coffee or a green tea. And swap the diet fizzy drinks for soda water with freshly squeezed lemon & lime. Don’t forget to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I add a few drops of lemon and peppermint essential oils to my water to jazz it up.

Be aware of all the added extras during the day such as that cake with your coffee, lollies in the car, ice-cream at the beach, the cheese platter with drinks. It all adds up and it’s all unnecessary. Keep those things for occasional treats.

Be aware of portion size. You do not need to serve up the same amount of food on your plate at home as your husband/partner. And when you are out to dinner, don’t be afraid to order a entree serve with a side order of vegetables instead of an main-sized meal.

Remember, eating well is not about starving or denying yourself the things you like to eat & drink. It’s about balance. Anything is fine in moderation. Following these ten basic rules above will see you eating well as a way of life.

Sharon x

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