My favourite essential oils & how I use them.

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I discovered essential oils a few years ago and have been in love with them ever since. Personally I keep it fairly simple and this post talks about a few of my favourite oils and ways of using them.

If oils is something that you would like to experiment with I would strongly recommend you do lots of reading and only buy good quality pure oils from a trusted source. There are lots of oils out there that are poor quality and diluted (some only contain 3% essential oil and the remainder is a carrier oil). The oils I personally choose to use are doTERRA. You can purchase a range of the doTERRA oils directly from my online shop here It's an individual choice.  These are some of my favourites and how I use them.

1) Eucalyptus  - I use this one for general cleaning around the house. I haven't used chemicals in my home for several years now (with the exception of bleach for the toilets). I use the Eucalyptus either on its own or I mix it up with a few other oils in a spray bottle and top up with water. Sometimes I add a couple of drops straight into the washing powder when I do the laundry. My favourite thing to do is put a couple of drops into the tank in my steam mop when I was the floors. It makes the house smell so fresh.

2) Lemon & Peppermint - I add a drop of both of these to my water bottles. Its best to only do this in a glass or metal bottle though as it will linger in a plastic bottle. Plain old H20 can be so boring so this makes it more interesting plus the Peppermint is great for digestion.

3) Frankinsence and Lavender - I like to add this to my face moisturiser. Not only does it make it smell amazing but its great for anti ageing benefits.

4) Anything citrus - I often pop one of my citrus oils in the diffuser and have it going all day. It makes the house smell amazing. Citrus Bliss is perfect because its already blended.

5) Cedarwood and Vetiver - This is my 'sleepy toes' potion.  I put one drop of each on my big toes when I get in bed and it knocks me out for the night every single time.

I will be writing more posts about essential oils and how they can be used to reduce toxic load. They are so versatile and can be used on the whole family, as well as around the house for cleaning and in your cooking and baking.

Sharon x

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