Saving your sanity in the lead up to Christmas

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December can be a crazy month for many of us. Here in Australia its pretty much the start of summer which means an increase in social activities. On top of that we have christmas to get organised for. Gift shopping, work parties, family lunches etc. But with all that comes a fair dose of stress! Visiting heaving shopping centres, doing extra food shopping, trying to find a parking spot, getting gifts wrapped in time, hanging decorations and getting the house and garden ready for entertaining. 

Don't get me wrong I love Christmas but I dislike the pressure that comes with it. These days I value the importance of living a stress free life wherever possible so I hate that we/I get caught up in all the hype. Hubby and I have already been so busy in December that we only got round to putting up the tree yesterday (I wouldn't have bothered to be honest but he insisted).

So with only six sleeps to go until Christmas day I want to remind you of a few things you can do to bring some sanity to your week. I have already ticked of number one on my list earlier this morning. Its something I actually make a point of doing every monday morning to start my week the right way. See how many you can tick this week.

1 - Take an hour out of your day and head to your nearest cafe by the eater and get a coffee. I find being near the water so therapeutic whether it be the ocean, the river or a marina. As long as its water I'm good.

2 - Grab your dogs, the kids, or a friend and head down to the beach for a good walk and a dose of Vitamin D. This is a great way to get some exercise in, reconnect with nature and catch up with friends all at the same time.

3 - Set aside one evening this week to lock yourself in the bathroom for a DIY pampering session. Run a warm bath, light some candles, pour a glass of bubbles, put some music on and just relax for as long as you can manage. Give yourself a top to toe body scrub, put a face mask on, treat your hair with some coconut oil and read a good book. 

4 - Cheat in the kitchen!! Where is the law that says you must make everything from scratch on christmas day? This year why not save your self some stress and buy some of the feast ready made. Order some platters, pick up desserts from The Cheesecake Shop, buy the gravy and stuffing ready made. Christmas is about people and relationships not about whether the pudding was made from scratch or bought in.

5 - And finally, on christmas eve when the kids are in bed, the shops are shut and all the gifts are wrapped, open a bottle of your favourite champagne then sit back and simply relax. Because come christmas day lets face it, the noise levels will go up, family will defend and it will all be chaos once again.

Merry Christmas x

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