The Beauty of Coconut Oil

I like to keep the recipes for my all natural body scrubs fairly simple. I believe that beauty does not need to be complicated. The common ingredient in each of my scrubs is coconut oil.

I choose to use coconut as my oil of choice because of its many beneficial properties. As well as a natural ingredient in my body scrub range I also use this oil for various other things. 

  • In my hair as a conditioning hair mask. Just work it through the hair then wrap in a towel and leave. I often leave it in overnight before shampooing out the following morning.
  • As an eye make up remover. I massage a  very small amount onto my closed eyes and then simply use a damp cotton wool pad to remove.
  • As a whole face make up remover. Again just massage in some coconut oil across tour entire face, then remove with a warm damp flannel.
  • As a carrier oil for my my essential oils. You shouldn't really apply essential oils neat onto the skin. I add them to a tiny amount of my coconut oil before applying (read about my five favourite essential oils here).

So what's so great about Coconut oil?

It's rich in fatty acids (MCT - medium chain triglycerides).

It contains skin nourishing ingredients including vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E all working together to help strengthen and protect the skin. 

It helps improve the elasticity of the skin which in turn may help prevent stretch marks.

Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties which can help heal the skin. Some conditions may be improved with continued use. I have a customer who told me how much better the excema on her legs is since using my Coconut & Lime Natural Body Scrub (always do a patch test first).

It has anti viral and anti fungal properties.

I use just enough of the oil in my recipes to be nourishing and moisturising without using so much you turn into an oil slick. After scrubbing (exfoliating) you simply need to pat yourself dry with a soft fluffy towel and thats it.


Sharon x


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