What our customers say about Buff & Polish body scrubs.

It makes my heart all warm and soppy when my gorgeous customers write reviews. You'll find all of these in the reviews tab over on our Facebook page.

Anne - I love these products from Buff&Polish couldn't imagine life without them, I've been using them for a couple of years now and bought them as Gifts too for family and friends.
They are all natural ingredients and they smell so fresh, you know they're going to be good for your body.

Rebecca -For someone with dry skin where exfoliating generally does more harm than good the inclusion of coconut oil in these scrubs is a god sent and the natural fragrances are simply heavenly.

Alice - Been using my scrubs on and off now for about 2 months. I was curious to see if my eczema flared up with the scrubs but not a thing. Skin is so soft and noticably moisturised too after the scrub. Really please with products and I will be ordering again � thank you!

Ania - Such a natural and beautiful product! Smells amazing (I have the citrus burst) and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth. No need for moisturizing as the added coconut oil leaves you ready to walk out the door!

Corinne - Thank you so much! I love the strawberry and lime body scrub! Just what my skin needed right now. Left it feeling so soft and as though I didn't even need to moisturise after using it! Also it smells good enough to eat!
Great product, and love the fact it's all natural, just wish it was available in the UK!

Liesl - Wow !! What an amazing product. After using the body scrubs my skin felt so so soft, completely different to other scrubs which can leave your skin feeling dry. Not only are the fragrances beautiful, they are also totally natural. Can't recommend this highly enough, only wish we could get them in the UK. (In the spirit of being open and honest, this is my sister :-)

Simone - I cannot recommend Sharon's scrubs enough!! I love all the range but especially love the strawberry + lime ... So good you can eat it too! I notice an instance difference after use with my skin feeling soft and luxurious!! Make buff and polish apart of your routine and you won't regret it!

Nicole - Amazing! Skin feels fab! Cant wait to try the whole range:)

Charmaine - Can not say enough good things about Buff & Polish. Her scrubs have been featured in quite a few magazines and articles and I love her gift boxes. Support local bespoke artisans and check out what she has to offer and why she does what she does smile emoticon

Emma - Fantastic service with free delivery to our office and all smells soo amazing can't wait to get my scrub on

Pep - Love love love, definitely getting more!!!! Made great Christmas presents

Shannon - I just used buff and polish and loved it ! I loved the lime smell and my skin is so smooth and hydrated ! I even used it on my face. im hooked xx

Karin - Tried the first of the three little samples this morning in the shower - omg, awesome!! My skin feels so lovely and soft now. And it is so nice to take out a few minutes in your day to pamper & treat yourself!!
I am taking your Christmas hamper over to a Secret Santa party tonight - I bet the ladies will love it.

Stef - Love the product, the foot scrub leaves your feet feeling smooth as!
Delivery as well! what more could you ask for!

Corinna - Love love love this amazing, healthy and natural range! After I use it, i feel like i have just stepped out of the shower with body cream on.
The different smells are divine and just leave your skin feeling so soft, and smell yummy enough to eat!

Sandra - Buff and Polish leaves your skin feeling fabulous and smelling so good - it's addictive!! Great for sensitive skin ( like mine) and as its natural no irritation later! Fab prep for summer skin

Lo - Thank you Buff and Polish for;
1) Making my life easier at Xmas because I have got my girlfriends the lovely box of goodies for them and
2) I used the body scrubs last night and for the first time I never got any itching or reaction on my skin which is now ultra sensitive to just about everything due to the medication I take.
The body scrubs smell absolutely fantastic (good enough to eat) and loving the fact it is so natural and no chemicals etc in it.
I for one will definitely be ordering again. One very happy person here who smells lovely and now has lovely soft skin :)

Amanda - I am totally hooked on the Citrus bliss! Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my skin feeling fantastic. Best body polish I've tried, and it's all natural.

Rachel - Absolutely love buff & polish products. It's so good to have such lovely smelling body scrubs which are completely natural. Recently ordered the foot scrub can't wait to try these, then I will have smooth skin top to toe. Thank you I will be ordereding again. Soon!!!


THANK YOU to everyone who uses my scrubs. And thank you for the lovely reviews.


Sharon x

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