How do I use my Body Scrub?

Get into the shower and get wet. I like to do everything else first like wash my hair etc. Now step away from the water stream and take a small amount of scrub and begin scrubbing your body gently using a circular motion. Pay attention to knees and elbows. When you are done, step back under the water stream and rinse well. That's it. Now just dry yourself. There is no need to moisturise. And please, don't shave your legs before you scrub! If you are using the coffee scrub, be warned you will need to give the shower cubicle a good rinse down.

Can I take the pouch or tub into the shower?

No, your scrub must be kept dry. In order to keep the product fresh and unspoilt you need to keep water out of the bag. Before you go into the shower, scoop out some product into an unbreakable bowl then reseal the bag and put it away.

How much body scrub should I use for one application?

It is entirely up to you but I would recommend a handful to do your entire body. A little goes a long way. If you find that when applying the scrub to your body a lot of it is falling onto the shower floor, then you are probably using too much.

Should I use the body scrub before I fake tan?

Absolutely yes. This is the perfect time to use it, however do it the day before you tan so that the coconut oil doesn't affect the application. Your skin will be beautifully smooth and ready for a flawless tan application. Please note however that you shouldn't use your scrub in the days after your fresh tan application as you are likely to remove it.

How long will my scrub last?

If you keep the contents dry, and store the pouch out of the shower area your scrub will last a good six months or more. However I am confident that you will love it so much that you will finish up the bag long before that.

How do I store my scrub?

Keep the bag firmly sealed and store it in a cool dark place. You don't want the beautiful essential oils to spoil by leaving the bag in direct sunlight. I store mine in the cupboard under the sink. You must keep the contents dry. It is a natural product and does not contain preservatives so any water in the container will spoil it.

My scrub looks odd?

Your scrub is a fresh product and the ingredients may settle. This does not affect the product as all. Just give the bag a squish to mix it up again, or if you have a tub then use a spoon or wooden lolly stick to stir it up.

Can I use the scrub if I am pregnant?

Please ensure you check with your health practitioner before using the scrub. There are some essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Does my scrub contain any nasty chemicals?

Absolutely not. Not now, not ever. 

Has my scrub been tested on animals?

No. The only animal my scrub goes near is my husband! And he loves it.

How often should I scrub?

This is personal choice but I would recommend once or twice a week.

Can I use the scrub if I have sensitive skin?

Yes you can but I would recommend doing a small patch test first. Also do not over scrub.

Can I use my scrub on my face?

I do not recommend using the body scrub on your face. It is too abrasive for the delicate skin in that area. We stock the amazing Konjac Facial Sponges as an alternative.

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