Buff & Polish Natural Body Scrubs

Natural Coconut Shell Bowl (Back Soon)

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This is the perfect bowl shape and size to use with your body scrub.

Decant the amount of scrub you need into the bowl, then seal up the scrub tub or pouch and put it away somewhere dry. When you are finished scrubbing, give the bowl a rinse and store upside down so water doesn't pool in the bottom.

The bowl and a scrub would make the perfect gift.

The coconut is also perfect for your acai bowl or smoothie bowl for breakfast.

Of the billions of coconuts harvested each year for the coconut meat, water & oil industries. 99.9% of coconut shells are discarded & burned as waste.  These shells have been reclaimed and cut, cleaned & polished into beautiful coconut bowls. Each bowl is finished with virgin coconut oil. The bowls have their own shape, size, colour and markings which make them 100% unique. They are 1 in a billion, just like you!

Coconut shells are so much more than just waste.
When you buy a coconut bowl, you're saving a coconut shell from becoming waste and reclaiming it as your own. Thanks for supporting a more sustainable world.

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